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Apple Document Title Secrets — Part 1

The title of the document window in an application has extra power that is often over looked by many Mac users.

Paging a Guinea pig

Fire up Apple Pages and create a new, blank document.

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Adding Keyboard Shortcuts on your Mac

I use Apple Pages quite often for making PDFs that I need for printing. I make PDFs often enough that for me, it warrants a keyboard shortcut.

To make a keyboard shortcut, you need to open Preferences and to which menu item you want to add the shortcut.

To add CMD-` (the key to the left of the 1 key) to Apple Pages to quickly access from the menubar, File, then Export to, then  PDF…, you need to know the exact spelling of the menu item.

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Crop images using Apple Preview

Sometimes, you want to change the focus or attention in an image. Cropping an image is an easy way to do that.

An often overlooked tool on Macs is the application Preview. Open your image in Preview and we will begin.

Apple Preview — Free with your Mac 

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