Apple Document Title Secrets — Part 1

The title of the document window in an application has extra power that is often over looked by many Mac users.

Paging a Guinea pig

Fire up Apple Pages and create a new, blank document.

Check out what’s-their-name sitting at the bar

In most applications, the top bar in an open document shows the name fo the file. With a new document, it is usually labeled Untitled.

Checking out what’s on the menu

Whn you roll over the name of the file in a document window, an arrow will appear. Just click on the name and a popup appears where you can name the file.

Great Save

Enter a name of a file and it will actually save in the shown location listed under Where. You can also add a tag that could help in future searches.

Where’s it really at?

Change the location in the Where field actually moves the file to that location.

Change the Where to the Desktop and then watch your Desktop to see it appear.

Change it back to where you really want to store–often Documents–and what it disappear from the Desktop.

Icon see you now

Once it has been saved, an icon should appear in front of the filename at the top.

Take a drag on this

Click and hold on the icon, then drag it away. you can now move the file to a new location

Making Aliases

When you drag the icon to the Desktop, an alias is created. An alias is a pointer it the original file, but not a copy. The cursor changes to the curved arrow to signify that you are making an alias.

The deed is done

Once it is created, the lover left fo the icon shows the curved black arrow signifying an alias.

Giving you options

If you hold down the OPTION/ALT key, the cursor changes to the green plus sign signifying that is making a copy of the file.

One last drag

Drag the icon your Apple Mail in your dock to automatically create an email with the file attached.

Getting attached

An Apple Mail message is started with your attached file.

Title insurance

Don’t be lieft in the dark about hidden feature lurking in the filename of your open documents. If you are already mousing or touchpading about, you might save a bit of time with these discoveries.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know below.

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